“100609 #CairoConfessions #CC #CCMarriage Mood:…

“100609 #CairoConfessions #CC #CCMarriage Mood:🔵
Female,20 confesses:
This is the first time to do this so bear me, when i was 16,i had terrible relation with my parents so i met a boy.He said he loved me from the bottom of his heart and we had a fully sexual relationship and i did not know that we will do it as i did have any information about this.he promised me that he will be with me always and after many years,we are engaged now,but we have lots of differences socially and educationally.i am studying in the best known uni and so on.we can’t deal with each other now.he keeps insulting me and he does not want to work anymore.he wants to try his own career and so on.me and my family are very organised persons and he is not.i cannot take a one singal reaction with him because of my fear as i wanted to leave him last year and he threatened me and said that i owe you and we will be always together.we are not talking about what happened because he feels bad and regerts.i don’t wanne be wiz him any more.we are so different and he knows it.i am afraid of his anger as he can’t imagine that we will be seprated one day.what can i do,please?
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  1. He has inferiority issues. He is not good for you. Your differences will always be there.. he knows this… that is why he keeps telling you that he owes you. He needs to feel superior to you.. better than you.. after marriage I won’t consider it strange if he hits you.
    A serious advice… don’t marry him. Tell your parents and ask for their help.

  2. This relationship isn’t healthy & will get you to nowhere.. because after you both getting married he’s going to abuse you & insult you more & you’ll be nothing more than his slave
    Run.. cut ties with him immediately.. you don’t deserve this kind of life!! You deserve someone better than him who would cherish you & love you for who you are

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